Sunday, 24 April 2016

My first thoughts on Bill

So, yesterday the BBC announced the new Doctor Who companion. We still don't really know anything about her except that she's played by Pearl Mackie and her name is Bill. They announced the news by releasing one of their famous minisodes, but all we really got to see was her arguing with the Doctor about why she should be scared of Daleks.

So here are my (not very serious) first thoughts.

1. Is Bill named after Billie Piper? (Clara was apparently named after Elizabeth Sladen, so it wouldn't be a stretch.)

2. Is her real name Aubrey? (My grandfather's real name was Aubrey, but everyone called him Bill)

3. What is her surname?
A) Jones-Smith? (I know she's a bit old to be Mickey and Martha's, but this is a show about time travel)
B) Pink?
C) Blue?
D) None-of-the-above

Probably (D), but you never know

5) Bill is going to be the first companion played by an actress who was born after me.

4) Did we just see a new companion get killed by Daleks in her first episode? Again?

Here's a link to an interview with the actress. She's really excited.