My Narnian Fan Works

Long Fiction

The Lost Seed (a Susan Fiction: work-in-progress)
A trip to Scotland Yard brings Susan Pevensie face to face with a past she had convinced herself was fiction. Using the magic rings her brothers had found, she tries to get back into Narnia. But she finds herself in a place and adventure she was not expecting.

Short Fiction and Poems

The Horse and His Boy Summer Challenge 2011
The Lost Prince
How did the Narnians react on hearing that the boy who had just overheard their plot to escape Calormen was not the Prince Corin, but an imposter? Did they not know that Corin had a lost twin brother? A short one-shot exploring possible answers to these questions.

Why the Fuss?
The first creature Shasta meets on crossing into Narnia is a hedgehog who's more interested in going to bed for a "good day's sleep" than worrying about the bands of soldiers about to invade Archenland. A poem from the hedgehog's point-of-view.

Anvard Besiged
King Lune's thoughts during the siege of Anvard.

The Silver Chair Summer Challenge 2012
The Seafarer's Last Voyage
King Caspian's thought's and experiences on his last journey at sea as he looks back over the years of pain that have led up to this journey, and experiences the peace and joy of seeing Aslan face-to-face one more time.

Food Fit for a Feast
A short reflection by two Harfang Giants after a day out hunting for the Harvest Festival. Their thoughts on the surprise arrival of two children and a marsh-wiggle sent by a mysterious lady who seems to have an unusual interest in supplying quarry for their autumn feasts.

The Great Snow Dance
Once a year, after the first fall of snow, the fauns, dryads and dwarves of Narnia gather for a ceremony to welcome the winter as their fellow creatures look on. But this year their dance is cut short by an unexpected interruption. A poem.

Remembering You 
We know what Aslan told Lucy and Edmund on their last trip to Narnia and his explanation why they would not return. But what had he told Susan and Peter on their last trip? What might Aslan's very last words to Susan have been? A short spin-off of The Lost Seed.