Currently working on...

So here are a couple of my current projects: Various random stuff, I know, but I thought it might be fun to share :-)

1. My Susan Fic 
(I really need a name for this, but one hasn't found me yet)

The story tells of what happened to Susan Pevensie, after The Last Battle. This is the last book in the Chronicles of Narnia series. Susan had abandoned Narnia, and refused to beleive that it was anything more than a game which she and her siblings had imagined. When the rest of her family and the other friends of Narnia are killed in a train crash, Susan is pared. This story tells of her quest for answers when she finds herself alone, bereft of her closest family and wondering if there was more to Narnia than she had been willing to remember.

Update (4/8/11) Well, my story is plodding along slowly. I guess you could say I've gotten "somewhere" since we now have some characters and back story and a suggestion of the type of adventure Susan has been flung into. It's going more slowly than I hoped - but that's life for you. Considering I did write a whole bunch of other stuff during the Narnian Summer Challenge, I guess my writing side had been getting a good amount of practice these holidays.

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2. A Jelly Tot Scarf

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A couple years ago I made myself a purple, white and brown scarf using Elle's Jelly tot wool (the colour was called "nougat"). Well they've brought back the wool this year in new colours. When I saw this colour, I had to get it. I'm also trying something different on this one. My purple one was made on fairly large needles and has a rough, organised look. I have since been educated on how to make get a neater look using smaller needles (and two stitches per telly tot). It was tough to start with, but I think it's working.

Update (4/8/11) My Jelly Tot scarf is almost done and I'm very happy with it. All it needs now is for me to cast off and decide on whether I want tassels or not. I ended up using 2 and a half balls of wool. Two should have been enough, but I made it a bit wider that I should have, meaning it came out a little short. I discovered that because of the regularity caused by stitching 2 stitches per "tot" - the wool actually produced a recurring pattern. Unfortunately the pattern is quite different for each ball, but thanks to my attempt at starting ball 3 in the same place as ball 1, the two ends are fairly similar. The photo to the left was taken at the end of the second ball. Some completed photos should be posted soon.

2a. New Item - French Knitting Beanie
Following after some of her classmates, my sister asked my mother for a large "French Knitting"-style hoop for her birthday. My mother found her a set of three (cheaper than the original one her friends had) and they also came with patterns. I used the middle-sized hoop and is accompanying pattern to make a beanie for myself for England. The idea was to make a beanie that would match my Jelly Tot scarf. Since I couldn't find any chunky orange wool, I went with brown and yellow. I am still planning to add an orange flower and/or pompom. The process of knitting was fairly simple, though I found it harsher on my hands than ordinary knitting. While the idea is brilliant, my main concern with using a hoop to knit a beanie is that the size is fairly limited to the size of the hoop. It might be possible to make it a little bigger if you knit a little looser, but I found my beanie somewhat tight on my head (and last I checked my head is relatively small). I'm rather pleased with it none-the-less.

3. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle Danish Embroidery

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This is my first attempt at Danish cross-stitch. It's a little more challenging than normal cross-stitch because the fabric is evenly spaced rather than divided into skeins. Each cross covers a grid of 9 holes. It's also particularly fine.

 Update (4/8/11) Um...let's not talk about this one. Knitting is easier to do whole watching television than fine embroidery.