Why the fuss?

This poem was written as part of the TLC Summer Challenge 2011. It recounts the reaction of the Hedgehog - the first creature Shasta meets on arriving in Narnia - to Shasta's news about Rabadash's planned attack on Archenland.

Why the fuss?

Oh Narnia fair is safe and warm,
Since the day that the Kings and Queens came.
They defeated the Witch on a fair spring morn,
And we need never fear the harsh winter again.

So why is this boy, alone in the wild,
So worried and speaking of armies?
He speaks of strange lands, the poor daz├ęd child.
Much travel has made the boy balmy.

He speaks of the land of rich Calormen
Many miles o'er a great sea of sand
He's says that an army of wild savage men
Is attacking our friends Archenland.

Why the fuss, why the fuss, on this bright summer's day?
I would much rather snuggle in bed,
Why worry 'bout things that are so far away?
Let the great people worry instead.

We are now at peace, and the land is at rest,
And King Peter's in northerly realms,
Trouncing giants he is, doing what he does best,
We care not for weapons or helms.

Don't come interfere and mess up our lives,
Don't disturb our good happy dwelling
We live and we play with our children and wives,
As the old folk great stories are telling.

Armies and wars, belong to those tales
And to places that are far away,
Not in our lifetime will the peace ever fail,
We shan't live to e'er see that day.

And so, dear boy, though you story is grand,
It is time for a comfy day's nap.
I'll leave you to tell those who do understand,
Fare thee well, neighbour, there's a good chap.