Sunday, 1 January 2012

A year in review

When I started out in 2011, it was probably the first time I faced a year without having it all neatly planned out. Not that things always go as planned, but this was something new. I didn't even know which hemisphere I'd bee in by the end of the year. 

I think "roller-coaster" seems like a good word to describe 2011, though strangely it doesn't feel as fast as one. In fact, this year seems to have felt a little slower in overall length. Either that or I'm getting used to how fast the years whiz by. So here's something of a summary of my year: (mostly in chronological order by grouping, except for the last group which is more random).

  • Decided for some insane reason to tutor 4 classes, help with ling dept admin and study 2 undergrad language courses during the first semester while waiting to hear if I was going to Oxford
  • Got accepted into Oxford
  • Studied isiZulu for the first time since school
  • Submitted my final scholarship application
  • Got told I didn't have the scholarship (no going to Oxford :-( )
  • Scholarships people found my lost application form and decided I would get a scholarship (going to Oxford! :-D)
  • Marked essays for the first time in my life - about 40 of them!
  • Had a 4 month holiday without any uni
  • Moved to Oxford!
  • Started my studies at Oxford.
The Web
  • Joined TLC chat (after attending their annual prayer day and made lots of friends with TLCers)
  • Got encouraged to write a Fan Fiction based on Narnia by one of those friends
  • Got promoted to a moderator on TLC
  • Lost some of my new TLC friends when they decided to leave :-(
  • Found out I wasn't going to Oxford and started a blog
  • Found out I was going to Oxford: joined Face Book and started another blog
  • Got reacquainted with old friends on FB
  • Organised and took part in the Narnian Summer Challenge on TLC
  • Got promoted to staffie on TLC
Faith and Church
  • Learnt a lot about how God works through the whole scholarship debarcle
  • Switched from being a senior to junior youth leader
  • Finally figured out how to play the keyboard properly in church :-p
  • Helped the replacement keyboardist/pianists in church
  • Moved to Oxford and found a new church
  • Met up with the college CU and made new friends
  • Flew for the first time
  • Left (Southern) Africa for the first time
  • Went to the northern hemisphere for the first time
  • My first winter Christmas
  • Living on my own for the first time
  • Made new friends amongst the other Ling grad students at Oxford
  • My first Thanksgiving
  • Had 5 separate Christmas dinners between 25 November and 25 December
  • Got to know Myriam and Sarah and their families by staying with them for a weekend each
  • Finally got to watch some Doctor Who
  • Read Abigail Hartman's book, The Soldier's Cross
  • Visited London for Christmas
  • Spent New Year in Oxford
My main wishes for 2012
  • Get more settled into my work
  • Get more settled into my church
Thanks to everyone who has been there for me this last year. It's been full of ups and downs, but I am forever grateful for all who have helped me through it and the massive transition it has brought.

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