Saturday, 12 January 2013

Birthday and Christmas Photos (2012)

This post contains photos of my Christmas and birthday presents mainly for the benefit of my family back home so they can see what I got. I've also included the birthday cake Averil made for me and a photo of my nissermen (Danish Christmas elves)

Christmas: Cross-stitch from Averil and Louis, Christmas Cake from Averil, Reindeer choc from Louis, Hobbit mug, alarm clock and string bookmark from Myriam, Hedgie-thimble from home

Birthday: Hand-cream from Averil and Louis (top left), card wallet from Myriam (bottom right), hedgie scarf, hair things, jewellery and face-cloth from home

Averil's cake and cross-stitch close-up

Close-up of Hobbit mug

Back of Hobbit mug

Close-up of thimble

From Kristi (owner of TLC): Hedgehog finger puppet from Las Vegas, Echidna 5c coin from Australia, Hobbit stamp from New Zealand and home-made moulded chocolates

Close-up of finger puppet, coin and stamp

Detail on coin

Moulded chocolate - Lucy of Narnia's magic cordial

Moulded chocolate - Hobbit acorn buttons

Birthday cake made by Averil

Home-made nissermen (traced on red card from computer print-out)

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