Saturday, 18 June 2011

Me? Obsessed with hedgehogs?

Whatever gave you that crazy idea?

Apart from my actual collection of hedgehog ornaments and plushies, I have also collected a number of other hedgehog things over the years. I blame it mainly on my mother, who has a knack for finding these things. And when you're trying to find presents for someone - what better way (if they are fond of hedgehogs) than to get them some more hedgehog stuff?

I'm not complaining, just trying to defend myself - to argue that I am not completely obsessed. At least not yet. And to prove it, I will be leaving many of my hedgehogs and hedgehog stuff behind when I head off to Oxford. If I was really obsessed, then I wouldn't be able to. So there. Are you convinced?

My Bed

My Pyjama Tops

My Jewellery
(necklaces and earrings)

My Book Ends

Toilet Roll Holders

My Doorway

Garden "Gnome"

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Perry said...

Egad, Brain!

Swanwhite said...

*chortles with delight* What a loverly collection :)

Ajnos said...

*wonders whether Perry was trying to compliment or insult her*

Katie said...

Ahhh, your hedgie bed! That is completely and utterly and wholly and wonderfully adorable!