Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Kids on the Blog

A follow-up to the Liebster awards

I mentioned in my Liebster Award post (which if you haven't read I recommend you do) that there were some blogs to which I would have considered giving the award had they not been quite so new. In this post I want to make special mention of some interesting up-and-coming blogs with less than 10 posts.

The Clashing Of Swords by ShieldMaiden. This is a very new blog by a very dedicated member of TLC and fan of both The Lord of the Rings and Narnia. On it she shares her thoughts on various and random things.

Thoughts From the Fourth Estate by Will. Will, a good British friend of mine from TLC, is not new to the world of blogging. He has already had a Live Journal account for some time. He is about to start his studies in jouralism, and has set up this blog on which he will be sharing his thoughts on current and world events.

Lilly's Scribblings by Lilly. Once again, a friend from TLC. Lilly has also just recently started a blog on blogger after having had an LJ account for a while. Lilly is an excellent and experienced writer of fanfiction, and Narnian-related fanfiction in particular. As her blog title suggests, you can visit her blog where she will be sharing her literary scribblings and scribblings about those scribblings.

Bus Sweet Bus by Alex. Alex is a member of her family's blue grass band, Amber Waves. They have just recently sold their house and bought an old school bus which they will be using to tour the US. This blog chronicles some of her adventures as they prepare for and set off on their tour.

LaughingZebra by Rob. Rob was one of the guys that did my gap year discipleship course, Imitate, with me. He is a paramedic currently working in some of the Kruger National Park camp sites. If you want to get a glimpse of life in "the bush" and amongst South Africa's beautiful wildlife, visit this blog. Rob has a good mixture of serious and fun posts. (And okay, as of today he now has 11 posts, but it's still a relatively new blog).

So take some time to visit and bookmark these blogs. They have great potential and I look forward to seeing their growth.

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