Wednesday, 31 August 2011

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Liebster Awards Part III

I promise that this will be my last post in my Liebster award series. I wanted to draw attention to some of my other friend's blogs who had already won the award before I did. There isn't strictly a rule against re-awarding but I had decided to give mine to people who had not previously been awarded. So here is a list (grouped according to similarity) of previously awarded blogs.

Scribbles and Inkstains by Abigail Hartman
The Penslayer by Jenny Freitag
These sisters are both authors with one book published each and a couple more in the works. They have some very insightful and interesting posts on the craft of writing amongst other things. If any blogs are truly worthy of this award it is these two. Needless to say, they both have a gift for writing, be it in their novels or a simple blog post.

These are all blogs by some wonderful girls I know from TLC. In the style of my TLC friends, they include musings on writing, faith, life and other stuff. Each of them have a unique and special way of expressing themselves and a gift for creatively spinning words. All enjoyable reads.

Define "Weird" by Hudson
An Autumn Day by Autumn Elizabeth
WriterFreak101's Writing and Other Things by WriterFreak101 (aka Wilf)
These three are some of my newer and younger TLC friends. Hudson is one of the most gifted photographers I have ever met; visit his blog to be awed by his photographs, particularly some amazing ones of running water. Autumn is an avid blogger, with this, her photography-oriented blog being just one of many which she has and contributes to. Wilf is a very good friend of mine (and would have been awarded by me had he not been co-awarded with me by Liz). He is an avid writer (as you can guess) particularly of fanfiction relating to Narnia and Star Wars amongst other things.

Last but not least, I should mention again the blog through which I was awarded:
Imaginational Wonders by Elizabeth LW. A lovely combination of thoughts, pictures and crafts.

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Katie S. said...

Oh, Ajnos, thank you for this special mention! I am greatly honored. ^.^

WriterFreak101 said...

Thanks for the mentioning Aj. :D

Ajnos said...

It's a pleasure ^.^ Thanks for your awesome blogs.